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Brussels Mushing welcomes you

What is the Mushing?


It is driving a sled or a kart with wheels, if the snow is missing, pulled by dogs.

​It is a great sport that requires perfect complicity between man and dogs. It is a kind of return to the roots. Our ancestors used dogs and respected them to travel to hostile regions of the far north.

Today, we organize races at national, European and world level with our Nordic dogs (Siberian huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Greenlanders and Samoyeds).

To practice Mushing is also to commit to respecting your dogs. It is not an object that you store after having done your sport. And when the dog becomes a veteran, you have to treat him like one.Just like us, when we age, we continue to play sports, but to our own measure. The performances are left to the youngest.


Mushing is practised at all ages. It should be noted that at least 12 years are required for juniors in the race, but there is no limit for seniors. As long as you’re in shape, you can mush.

Our Belgian team is made up of a dozen mushers who represent us very honourably in several categories at the international level.


The training is done in Belgium with karts on wheels or with quads without the help of the engine. In winter our mushers leave for the Alps, the Jura and the Dolomites or the Nordic countries to complete their training on snow.